3D Epoxy

 There are new floor designs and trends emerging every day to satisfy the limitless imaginations of designers and end users, as well as to offer creative and modern solutions that meet their demands. 3D Epoxy floorings are increasing in popularity day by day. Because of its high durability and endless creativity, it is increasingly popular in the commercial, residential and entertainment sectors. In the flooring industry, it has become the latest innovation.

Due to their thin sections, 3D Epoxy floors are a perfect choice for renovations and redesigns as they eliminate the need to tear out the old flooring. An underlayer of self-smoothing, followed by your chosen high-resolution image, and finally a polyurethane or epoxy-based polymer layer offers the perception of gradation and depth.

With 3D Epoxy floors, you can virtually create a broken timber walkway, a water experience, or even an aquatic experience.

In addition to its many advantages, 3D epoxy floors are becoming more and more popular with designers and end users. The glossy nature of the final sealer layer results in an exquisite visual effect. 3D Epoxy floors can visually enlarge a room with their combination of design, pattern, and colors.

Epoxy SL is used primarily for industrial floors because it is the layer in contact with the surrounding conditions. This material is highly durable and virtually impermeable, as well as chemically resistant to acids, chlorines, bleaches and other daily cleaning agents. Epoxy products do not burn, making them the ideal choice for environments requiring increased fire safety control. A 3D Epoxy floor can last for more than 15 years.

With Duphill's strategic partnerships with the most reputable vinyl suppliers, printing agencies, and epoxy resin manufacturers worldwide, you can take pride in your floors for years to come.


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